Art Experiences for 2

Art Experiences for 2: Unleash Your Creativity with Abstract Art Classes in London

Step into the world of color and creativity with our bespoke Art Experiences for 2, featuring exclusive Abstract Art Classes in London from just £69.00. Under the guidance of award-winning abstract landscape painter Georgie Mason and the talented Mona Hide, immerse yourselves in a therapeutic art journey designed for couples. Whether you’re art enthusiasts or novices seeking a unique date idea, our classes provide the perfect blend of instruction and freedom to create your own masterpieces.

Discover the Therapeutic Power of Art

Abstract Art Classes London: A Unique Couple’s Retreat

What could be more special than connecting with your partner through the expressive power of art? Our Abstract Art Classes in London offer just that. From the tranquility of Georgie Mason’s studio at Stepney City Farm to the vibrant atmosphere of Dalston Clay, these sessions provide an idyllic escape from the city’s hustle. Experience the joy of painting alongside your significant other, with all materials provided to embark on your artistic journey.

Meet Your Inspirational Guides

Join Georgie Mason, an award-winning artist known for her evocative abstract landscapes, and Mona Hide, a co-host with a passion for mindfulness and art. Both artists bring their unique perspectives and skills, ensuring a rich and supportive learning environment. With doors that open to the serene views of Stepney City Farm or the cosy confines of Dalston Clay, these workshops promise an atmosphere that’s as inspiring as it is calming.

What’s Included in Your Art Experience for 2

Our classes are designed to suit all levels, offering a peaceful afternoon or evening of creativity. Enjoy the hands-on guidance on color mixing, mark-making, and texture, and leave with your own 50 x 40 cm canvas masterpiece. With classes kept intentionally small, you’re guaranteed a personalised experience focused on exploration, not competition.

  • Class Options: Choose between a 3-hour weekend class from 11am – 1pm starting April 2024, or a 2-hour weeknight class from 6.30pm -8.30pm.
  • Location: Stepney City Farm or Dalston Clay, offering a unique backdrop for your artistic endeavors.
  • Extras: All materials are included, with the option to purchase an additional canvas. Tea, coffee, and biscuits are provided to fuel your creativity, and you’re welcome to bring your own wine for a toast to your artistry.

Make It a Day to Remember

Why not make a day of it? Surrounding Stepney City Farm is a delightful food market every Saturday, perfect for exploring before or after your class. This Art Experience for 2 isn’t just an activity; it’s an opportunity to create, connect, and discover the joy of art together.

Book Your Artistic Getaway

Ready to dive into the world of abstract art with your loved one? Our Art Experiences for 2 are more than just a class; they’re a journey into creativity and connection. Discover more and book your session today, and let the vibrant world of abstract art transform your relationship in the most colorful way.

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